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Makeup Artist

I am a Freelance Makeup Artist living in Houston, Tx. 20+ yrs of education & experience has brought me a wealth
of real life knowledge of the Human Canvas. I love creating on a beautiful canvas (AGE has nothing to do with it!) - meaning: How the skin can function at it's best, working both inside & out resulting in a smooth, strong, even texture.
Creating on a beautiful canvas is every artists goal and should be yours as well! We can correct imperfections, but we can't fix texture!

I am a multi award winning, published Makeup Artist that lives to create with multi-mediums as well as multiple disciplines:
Clean Beauty, Bridal, Makeup for Photography; Beauty, Editorial, Avant-Garde, as well as Private Clients serving Every Day Makeup, Office/Day Time, Glamour/Evening, Makeup Lessons, Skin Care Lessons, Portraits, Headshots, Commercial, Photography (Family, private events, Galas & Themed Galas)

I also have a knack for creating beautiful, balanced Brows (just a small obsession!) 

My love & passion for all things Skin Care and Makeup is evident to all my clients, models & agencies...I am always educating.

I pride myself on using products that are proven & effective!

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Cori Aston
Makeup Artistry

About Me: About Me
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