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10 Makeup Artists you should be following on Instagram

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

1. Me - haha :)

2. No really...One of THE most frustrating things a pro (IN EVERY INDUSTRY) has to deal with is: the Fakeup Artist (they only do makeup on their own faces *eye roll* Bloggers (bored Moms at home.) "Influencers"

Now, I'm not here to discuss their business sense - obviously they are business driven.

However, we (Pros) spend more time biting our tongues and trying to find the nicest way to say "These people have NO idea what they are talking about!"

Hair advice that will destroy your hair - Makeup direction that looks like a 12yr old pancaked it on - Skin care advice that will wreck the Skin Mantle and cause this essential barrier: inflammation, allergies, acne, dryness and many other complexion woes.

So....Please do not look at me like i'm crazy when I correct someone who is NOT a pro but a business person using social media to shovel crap, collect millions in sponsorships (for both good and bad reviews, btw ) and endlessly try to find anything odd, outrageous or ridiculous just to have new content.

That being said...

10 Makeup Artist you should be following on Instagram!

  1. @coriaston39

  2. @rosharofficial

  3. @jamesmolloymakeupartist


  5. @alcantaramakeup

  6. @patmcgrathreal

  7. @beau_nelson

  8. @therealve

  9. @ctilburymakeup

  10. @thevalgarland


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