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The "Everything you need for your skin" Face Oil

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The "Everything you need for your skin" Face Oil was orginally developed for ME!

I knew that all the GREAT ingredients were derived from oils and put into what I call a 'foat' or 'medium' something creamy to apply to the skin. However, this 'float is just waste and a 'feel good' element of the product - annnnnd, a waste os space!

I wanted hydration, cell rejuvenation, blood circulation, anit immflatory, anti-oxisant, protect the Skin Mantle, fade hyperpigmentation & Vit A & C for skin texture & cell turnover. This was ALL too precious to me - I wanted a concentaded form of this.

So, I researched and created...then researched and manipulated the formula & so on & son on.

Till I nailed it!

I have used this AM & PM as my final step for 4 years.

I then started using it in my kit. Why not?

I love it....I knew it would prep my clients / models / brides skin prior to application of makeup.I want your skin to look magical!

And, it did!

Then clients started asking about it & wanting this magic to use everyday.....

And, so my Skin Nourishment - Face Oil is now the backbone of my home skin care routine, every makeup

application for private clients, photo shoots, models, brides....I love & you will too!

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