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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I always say - Balance is Beauty.

The BROW - This seemingly unimportant feature can make or break the balance, projection & youthful appearance of every face. A good brow can balance your features, make your eyes appear bigger & more youthful, create a more defined eye space and pull the lightest part of your eye color out and make them more dynamic.

I call myself a Brow Artist because I take my time it check HOW the hair grows...Downward stroke? Upward storke? Sideways?

Is the brow spare? or Dense?

How does it grow along the aesthetic bone structure of the face?

Has been shredded to nothing by an unskilled eye?

I have 2 types of clients - People that come to me after years of destruction and are ready to rehab and regrow their brows. OR clients that have beautiful brows - and want to keep them that way!

I choose threading because wax is harmful to the skin...Yes. But most importantly, waxing is NOT a precise craft. I carefully sculpt brow to perfection...some over time, some every 2-3 weeks.

I take great pride in servicing my clients with a keen eye and no rush till it's perfect attitude!

Who takes care of your Eyebrows?

Start today....You'll be glad you did!


Cori Aston


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