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Professional Makeup Artist in Houston, TX

Houston's Top Professional Makeup Artist

My story of becoming a Top Makeup Artist in Houston

Every client I meet is gorgeous inside and out, what I love about my work is making them feel amazing!

I have been a professional Makeup Artist in Houston, TX for over twenty years, and I pride myself on my creativity, unique application for each individual client - their needs and expectations and my dedication to my craft. With my home-base in Houston I am highly sought out for ALL avenues of Makeup applications - Bridal, Print, Editorial, Avant-garde, Beauty, Galas & Portraits. I take great pride in being an educator to other Makeup Artist as well as my Private Clientele, lessons, skin care, makeovers and teaching tips & tricks garnered from 25 yrs as a full time Makeup Artist. I am a Global Skin Specialist (Master in every skin tone) and also create beautiful Brows. makeovers.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your event or project!

I pride myself on creating a polished, flawless application for All skin tones.

Professional Makeup Artist, Houston, Tx.

Cori Aston

I give my all to each project I work on and every client that sits in my chair. I will create the prefect application with the wishes of the client and of the project so they will always be thrilled with the end results. I am always willing to travel for any occasion or job and I love my home base of Houston, Tx.

Being a full time Makeup Artist in Houston has brought in endless opportunities and lifelong friendships with other creatives. All of these elements and my skill sets of creating perfected art on the human canvas from natural, clean beauty - extreme avant-garde. If you are looking for a professional makeup artist in Houston, please schedule a call with me today!

professional makeup artist houston
makeup artist Houston tx

I offer professional on-location makeup, education, classes, private lessons, bridal makeup artistry, print, photography makeup, commercial and private clients in Houston. 

What My Clients Say:

"Cori is amazing!! She is one of the most professional makeup artists in the Houston area! She has so much knowledge and presents it in a practical and helpful way! Can’t wait to learn more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!"


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